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Nov.10th, 2018

1. The scope of application to the sandwich panel construction is very wide. It can be applied to the ceiling and wall of the purification room, enclosure and industrial plant, warehouse, cold storage, partition of air conditioner, etc.


2. There are many sandwich panel types, and special core and special specification steel sheets can also be tailor made according to different needs of customers.

3. Sandwich panel has good physical and chemical properties. Take magnesium sulphate panel for example, the filling insulation of this panel is grade A flame retardant materials. It will not melt when burning and has no high temperature decomposition droplets. It is the best fire-proof building composite panel in China at present, which has high strength, impact resistance and good seismic resistance.

4. The construction and installation of clean room sandwich panel are convenient, handmade sandwich panel is mostly used in clean room which have a higher requirement. Handmade sandwich panel is manually manufactured, which length and width can be fixed according to the requirements of the demander's project, and the combined installation can not only reduce the cost of the basic and structural engineering of the building, but also disassemble and assemble many times. The construction and installation of sandwich panel is convenient and the comprehensive benefit is good.

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