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Clean Room Maintenance

Except an higher cost of insulated sandwich panel for a clean room project to ensure a good quality, but regular maintenance of a clean room after installation completed is also important. In fact, no matter what type of sandwich panel for a clean room, it needs to be cleaned and protected on a regular basis. Only in this way can we really see the good cleaning effect and ensure the sterility of the workshop.


  • Regular cleaning is very important


It is not so difficult to clean the sandwich panel in daily clean room maintenance. In fact, it only needs simple scrubbing, which naturally ensures a good cleaning effect. Of course, the actual situation of the specific workshop is different, so the cleaning frequency and method should also be changed. In fact, after the completion of the clean room workshop project, we should do a good job in cleaning, regular cleaning is very necessary, and special equipment can also be used for cleaningso as to achieve a better cleaning effect. 


  • Regular on-site check


The performance of the clean room sandwich panel is good, but if you want to maintain a good cleaning effect, you should still check the metal skin steel sheet regularly to determine whether there is wear or some damage, and then carry out subsequent protection. We believe that as long as we are able to do a good job of checking all the work, there will be no big problem for the clean room function. And we should also be very clear that sandwich panel is not easy to wear, but once there is a problem, it is difficult to correct, so it must still be checked regularly and do regular clean room maintenance. 

Clean Room Maintenance
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