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Clean Room Electronic Workshop

What is the key point for a clean room electronic factory?

All the friends who work in the electronic factory know that the electronic factory workshop is generally a clean room project. Such an environment can satisfy the high-quality production requirements of some electronic equipment. In order to achieve this, the design of clean room in electronic factory is particularly important. What is the key point of dust-free purification clean room design of electronic factory?


According to different purposes, different regional spaces are divided. The dressing area of employees needs to be designed at least two layers, from the material preparation area, material buffer area, material storage area, component conversion area, packaging area, cleaning area, the latter semi-finished product storage area, drying area, sample storage area. There is also a large product storage area. It is necessary to set these different areas correctly and keep them clean and dry. The area of the whole area will be different.


The following irregularities should not be observed in the purification works, such as volatile chemicals, female perfume and nail polish, and various substances that may cause fires.


The key point of clean room project is waterproof. From the top layer to the ground, it is necessary to meet the appropriate waterproof requirements. The waterproof layer should not be less than 2 meters. The lighting requirements should reach 200 from mixed lighting to partial lighting. It is necessary to strictly supervise the whole production process.


Due to the high requirements of the whole clean room project, it is generally required to collect filters and select air conditioning equipment. It is recommended that you consult the operating personnel before making a decision.

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