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Nov.6th, 2018

For articles like clothes what we wear every day, with the improvement of economic level, people's needs from cold protection to beauty gradually increase. For those who only hope to resist the cold, but now more emphasis is placed on whether clothes will cause dust, hair loss, sticky hair and so on. It is same for the steel plate for sandwich panel.


For the clean room sandwich panel, they have good dust-proof effect and antimicrobial ability. In the season when static electricity is easy to produce, they also have the function of static electricity release. It may feel that this kind of ability is not enough, but these functions are only the basic functions of a clean room sandwich panel. It has different requirements for different uses, so it also gives it a lot of different capabilities, such as flame retardant and sound insulation.

To know more about the clean room sandwich panel, feel free to ask us questions.

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