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Nov.7th, 2018

What is the quality standard of sandwich panels?


A. appearance quality requirements:


1. board: flat surface, uniform color, no obvious bump, warpage, deformation.


2. surface: clean surface, no glue marks and oil stain.


3. defects: apart from crimping and cutting edges, there are no obvious scratches, bumps, scars, etc.


4. incision: straight cut, no sharp edges on the edge of the plate, degumming and wavy, and the panels should be bent inside.


5. core material: the core plate should be neat, no big pieces spalling, and there is no obvious gap between the block and the block.


B. Size tolerance of sandwich panels:


1. length: tolerance deviation ±3~5mm


2. width: tolerance deviation±2mm


3. thickness: tolerance deviation ±2mm


4. diagonal deviation: allowable deviation ≤6

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