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Dec.6th, 2018

Color steel sandwich panels are often used in building construction. What are the requirements for the production of such sandwich panels? What are the requirements for the coating of color steel sandwich panel?


Coating of color steel sandwich panel is an important barrier for steel plate to resist atmospheric and environmental corrosion and an important means to embody architectural color art. The common types of color coatings used in buildings are polyester coatings, silicone modified polyester coatings, polyvinylidene fluoride coatings, etc. The types of coatings should be selected according to their uses, forming processes and environmental intermediaries. Considering factors such as climate, corrosive or chemical media, humidity, etc., the expected service life and cost of quality are considered. At present, polyester-coated color panels are mostly used. They have good comprehensive outdoor durability and coating properties, moderate chemical properties, medium finished products, generally with epoxy primer, and good adhesion. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) color board can be used in important buildings with special requirements. It has the best outdoor durability and good flexibility. The durable pigments used in coatings can have good color retention performance, but the price is higher.

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