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Dec.5th, 2018

Building energy conservation has become a key factor affecting the strategic decision-making of energy sustainable development in China. The energy consumption of existing building area in China is more than 20 times that of developed countries, which has caused heavy energy burden and serious environmental pollution to the society. It is urgent to develop energy conservation and green building.


The development of green energy-saving buildings, the advancement of housing industrialization, the improvement of building service life, the energy-saving and environmental protection of exterior wall insulation materials are closely related to energy conservation and the reduction of environmental pollution. The development and progress of insulation materials industry provide the possibility for the above work. Therefore, under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction, The construction industry has a great demand for the development of building materials industry, including new wall materials to meet the requirements of building energy conservation and the structure system of green fire-proof and durable composite insulation wall panel.


At present, most of the new building materials enterprises in our country produce middle and low-end products, but few people ask about high-end energy-saving and emission-reduction products. In order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote building energy-saving work, recently, the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Catalogue of Promotion of Energy-saving Renovation Technology for Existing Buildings. It includes a number of building materials products, including new thermal insulation materials such as insulated sandwich panels.

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