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What is the advantage of clean room sandwich panel?

With the continuous improvement of domestic science and technology level, the demand for clean room is becoming more and more severe, and the market of insulation panels for clean room is naturally facing new development. The clean room sandwich panel is a composite panel with stainless steel or galvanized steel plate as the surface material, and its dust-proof, antibacterial, corrosion-resistant, rust proof and anti-static characteristics make the clean room panel widely used in electronics and food In the field of purification engineering of high demand environment, such as clean room for scientific research of materials, medical treatment, biopharmaceutical, aerospace and instruments, etc.


Clean room sandwich panel is also called clean room panel for short. It is a composite panel with color coated stainless steel and other raw materials as surface materials. It can be made of seven core materials including rock wool, glass wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, glass magnesium board, more than ten kinds of coating materials including color steel sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminum zinc plate, stainless steel, printed steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, plywood and more than 20 kinds of composite plates.


1. Anti-radiation, anti-static

The surface coating of clean room panel uses special conductive pigments to make the surface of color board have a resistance of 10-100, through which static electricity can be released. Its functional coating is a special function specially designed for medical treatment and clean space. It has excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness and can effectively shield radiation and static electricity. Ensure the normal use of medical equipment and the life safety of patients.


2. Clean and antibacterial


The silver ion purification coating on the surface of the clean room panel has good antibacterial property, avoids dust dependence, resists the survival of various infectious bacteria on the surface of the board, reduces the possibility of disease infection, and persists in cleaning for a long time.


Flameproof and incombustible (Class A)


3. The fire resistance rating of clean room panel is class A. According to the test of GB / T 5464-99, the material is incombustible, the panel will not melt, drop or explode, and it can adhere to the characteristics for a long time. According to GB8624 standard, the flammability of the products has reached or exceeded the standard of A-class composite materials, such as the smoke density, the height of smoke tip, the humidity of smoke and the average of the remaining length of combustion.


4. Clean and antibacterial


The surface function has the characteristics of strong acid resistance, alkali resistance and antibacterial. After choosing this product, we don't need to worry about the harm of corrosive agent to the wall. In addition, it has antibacterial ability, which greatly reduces the intensity of hospital sterilization.


5. Self cleaning and anti pollution


The surface coating has the excellent functions of protection free and self-cleaning. Extremely low surface function, the surface dust can be directly cleaned by clean water. Good hydrophobicity and oil repellent. With a very small friction coefficient (0.15-0.17), it will not stick to dust and scale, and has good antifouling performance.


6. Sound absorption


The dense crystal structure inside the base material of the clean room panel has certain sound insulation effect. In addition, according to the needs of the hospital environment, it can also be filled with sound insulation materials to improve the sound insulation effect of the system. Then it is useful to avoid the outdoor noise entering the room and adhere to the quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

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