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Let you know more about polyurethane color steel insulation panel

Polyurethane color steel insulation panel (we called pu panel) is a color steel sandwich panel composite board. It is composed of two-sided color steel pressure plate and medium-automatic foamed rigid polyurethane. It can be widely used in exterior walls and roofs of various buildings. It is recognized as the best thermal insulation material in the world today, it can be used in large industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition halls, stadiums, cold storage, purification workshops and other building roofs and walls, integrating insulation, heat insulation, weighing and waterproofing. In addition, the thickness of the wall using polyurethane sheets is much lower than that of the traditional building wall, and its thermal insulation performance is a multiple of the latter. Therefore, polyurethane composite panels have also been widely used.

Polyurethane sandwich panel specification:

1. Upper/lower steel plate: The thickness is 0.4mm~1.2mm, the type is color steel plate, electric/hot galvanized plate, stainless steel plate.

2. Core material: Polyurethane , pu density is 30~80kg/m3

3. Continuous type pu panel regular width: 1150mm, 950mm, thickness: 40mm~250mm, length is not limited

4. Manual type pu panel regular width: 1180mm, thickness: 40mm~250mm, length is not limited

Polyurethane sandwich panel features:

1. Advantages: Lightweight and durable, easy to install, and widely used

2. Disadvantages: Expensive, not up to fire rating

3. Fire rating: Class B